Your Team Transformation Awaits...

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"Your Fastest Way To Business Profits IS NOT On The Sales Floor..."

In This Training, We Reveal 3 Secrets To Build The Best Team In Your Company or Business...

Even If You Are The Only Person Driven To See Change...

Secret #1


How To Create Higher Cashflow In Order To Re-Invest Profits Towards Company Growth. (Developing People, Expanding Markets, Product Innovation)

Secret #2


How To Create Standardized Processes In Order To Streamline Tasks And Diversify Knowledge So That Anyone On Your Team Can Perform Effectively.

Secret #3

Peace Of Mind:

Effectively Eliminate Sources Of Stress And Increase Your Ability To Manage Stress So That You And Your Team Can Enjoy Your Jobs And Life Outside Work. 

Your Hosts For The Training:

Pete Winiarski is Founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC. Based on three decades of leadership and continuous improvement experience, Pete understands what it takes to create high performing organizations. He is the creator of the Win Enterprises methodology, The Win Holistic Transformation Model™, which is based on proven and successful best practices, his three decades of applying operations excellence as a strategic weapon, and personally leading operational transformations. Pete is a change agent, thought-leader on personal and professional achievement, and seasoned advisor to senior clients on personal transformational improvement.

David Tweedt is the President and CFO of Win Entrprises, LLC. He is an innovative Transformation Expert with over twenty years of experience living and breathing Lean thinking in an engaged high performance culture. He combines Lean principles with business acumen and technical innovation to implement these high-performing cultures that foster the sustainability necessary for a true transformation. David is a thought-leader on organization wide Lean Operating Models utilizing the Win Enterprises’ framework, Win Holistic Transformation Model™ driven by The Transformation Curve™. 

                 Together We Lead The Win Consulting Team...

Win Enterprises was founded on a core belief:

"Complete Business Transformation Requires a Holistic Approach..."

Pete & David have worked for some of the largest companies & consulting groups in the world. Over time they saw how even the best strategies fail when their client's goal was simply to patch something up for the short-term.

Instead, it was the strategies that were honed with the pure intent of Transforming & Adapting For The Future that brought change to teams of every size & at every level.

With experience that crosses industries, decades & continents, the entire Win Enterprises team hasn't just studied the market, they've helped to shape it.

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